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Professional Dog Training
(Established in 1992)

The Trainer

Bob White
Certified Master Trainer
Graduate of National K-9 School of Dog Trainers
Member of National K-9 Trainers Association

B&B's Dogs

Problem Solving

At B&B Professional Dog Training, we will help you with problems such as:

Play Biting
House Breaking
Jumping Up
Pulling on the Leash
... and many other common problems

Private Lessons

All of the lessons at B&B Professional Dog Training are conducted privately. You, your family and your dog are there with the trainer to work on your dog's problems. We don't work on the problems of other dogs in a group setting. We feel that this is the best condition for you and your dog to learn.

All Breeds & All Ages

All breeds and all ages are capable of being trained. The old saying that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks is just that – an old saying. It is best to start young with your dog and try to develop good habits from the start. If you allow them to develop bad habits then the bad habits must be changed before the desired habits become a reality.

Obedience training is all about being able to communicate with your dog and having your dog understand what you desire of them. Without training they may get a mixed message. Their natural instinctive behavior is to lead the pack. With training we try to be consistent to the dog understands what we expect. We become the leader.

The happiest dogs around are working dogs. Dogs that have a purpose in their life. They are able to spend more time with their owners and there is less confusion as to exactly what you expect of them. They don’t end up tied to a tree or locked in the cellar.

So take all extra pressure of being the leader and the boss of your dog and take in on yourself. Train your dog today and they will be happier and more relaxed because of it, and so will you.

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