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I have had to make a tough decision today and release my loyal and dedicated friend of 11 years Mowhawk from our world to a world free of deafness, blindness and the inability to any longer walk. It will be a day I never forget and it will hurt deep in my heart for some time.

Mowhawk will now be in a better place He was a great dog that was dedicated to me all the way till the very end. He was always happy whenever he was close to me even if was being treated or poked at the vets. As long as I was with him every thing was fine with Mowhawk In his last few months with me, his eyes and his ears failed him and his hips started to fail. He would walk around the room at night bumping into things till he found me with his nose. Then his tail would give a little wag and he could finally settle by my side.

The last few weeks he would be settled and sleeping in the living room, when I was ready to go to bed,. I would go upstairs thinking that due to his lack of site and hearing he would not even know I had left, and leave him sleeping down stairs. I would wake up to the sound of him using every thing he had to climb those stairs to sleep on the floor next to me. Even know it was a struggle he would fight his way thorough all his disability and climb those stairs. He would be totally out of breath, but I would see that tail give a little wag to let me know he was happy to be beside me.

Then his legs gave out completely and he had lost all the dignity that he carried around when he was my best and most reliable working dog and my best friend. . Even though it caused me great pain and heart ache, I had to do what was right for him. He had trusted me his whole life to take care of him and do what was right for him and I had to continue to do it even at this time. Knowing well it will cause me so much sorrow. Although it will leave a big empty spot in my heart forever, I was strong and released him to be free of any problems and run and play like he did as a young dog in a better world.

I know some day in another world he will be again waiting for me with his hearing and his site back with strong legs and hips. Waiting for me to throw the ball across the big green grassy field with that little bark he would give when I would say "are you ready Moddy". Reunited with my Trooper and Kelly girl, to run free of any pain and chase that ball and wag that tail because he is again by my side..

Mowhawk go Free. You are a Free Dog, Now and Forever.

I will never forget you Mowhawk. You will always hold a special spot in my heart. You were truly an amazing dog I am sure there will never be another Mowhawk.

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