Zah Man

11/20/95 – 12/15/06

Stier my big tough grumbling guy. You were a great dog and a stubborn son of a gun. When I got you as a puppy Jim told me you would be one tough son of a gun. Evan as a puppy you were a pushy grumble fellow. In all my years of training I have not dealt with any other dog like you. I would match your attitude with any dog I have ever met and you would sure give them a run for their money with your attitude. Your old age and bad hips caught up. If it hadn’t been for your tough attitude I think it would have taken over sooner. The last few days you pulled your self around with total brute strength from your front end. You also kept the others in their place with your deep growl even though your body was failing you fast.

You always wanted things on your terms. You and I had several battles of the wills over your 11 years. We didn’t always see things the same way many times. If you felt like being loved it was cool if not you would get that little low grumble you were famous for and tell people to back off. Even know you weren’t the biggest guy you certainly had the biggest attitude. All though a trip to See Dr. T would always bring out that tiny bit of chicken in you. I never witnessed any thing else in your life that you feared except that trip to the vets. You were always full of yourself. From the day I picked you out till the day I let you go.

Stier would chase that ball for hours on end with out a break. A tennis ball was done for in less that a minute when he grabbed it in that vise grip mouth of his. Many days he would pick up a rock or stick or any thing else and just run with it back and forth. He would bring it over drop it at your feet and wait for you to pick it up and give it a throw.

He loved the girls and waited 12/15 them to come home. He would go crazy if they went out in the yard and he was in. If the snow was on the ground he wanted to be out. He would bark and spin in circles if it had snowed. I didn’t need to look out the window to know it had snowed. The last couple of years he took my dad in as his partner in crime. He would lie in dad’s room and wait for him to get out of his chair. Then he would do his best to herd dad over to the shelf where those cookies were kept. I think it worked much more than we ever really know. If dad was in the kitchen he would run down the hall looking back at dad and doing his best to get dad to follow and hand out those cookies. When he really wanted dad’s attention he would jump up on dad’s bed and stand in the middle of it. Dad would be telling him to get off but had a hard time as he was usually laughing at him as he did it. Pretty sure Stier knew it was good for a laugh.

His attitude was big, his heart was big, and his passing will always remain a huge day in my life. His attitude helped me learn things that helped with my training with other dogs.

Stier will always hold a special place in my heart.

Go free Stier, your job for us and your time with us in this world are over. I am sure you will be with all the other special friends I have had in this world when I arrive. You will make heaven a better place for all that will come in the future.


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