Zah Man

Zah Man
5/17/1997- 11/4/2010

Zah man I had to make a hard decision today and let you go. As it always has been and will continue to be a day I dread when this time comes with my dogs. I thought two year ago the time to let you go was close. You started dragging those back feet at times. But you were strong and kept on going to my amazement. You had many more good days than bad but now I can see it in your eyes that you are tired and your body is getting tired. You still struggle to try to be there for me but the fight is getting the best of you. The bad days are more frequent than the good and the pain is starting to get the best of you. Seeing you in pain and unable to function has been really tough and breaks my heart. I donít think it is fair to ask you to battle through another cold winter and be as uncomfortable as you are now. It has now come to the point you no longer have the dignity you once had as a proud and awesome specimen of your breed. I like to think that through your look in your eyes you are asking me to let you be free of pain and discomfort. The only comfort I get in dealing with losing you is knowing you are no longer in any pain.

You were such a big boy and always so gentle. You lived for the ball. I remember many times you would lie on the floor and fall asleep with a ball in your mouth. You grew up with the kids. Kalyn went with me to pick you out as a puppy. I can remember the kids yelling out Zah puppy at the top of their lungs. We brought you home and you fit right in with the other dogs and the kids. You were clumsy puppy and it took a while to grow in to your big body. You coordination came slow. But as an adult we were always complimented on your great looks and your willingness to work with me. Many people saw your huge size and your dark face and thought you looked very serious and mean. Any one that knew you was well aware that you were like a big teddy bear.

I will miss you big man. I know that you along with all the others I have shared my life with are in a better place. You will be again free of all health issues and able to run and play ball again. I will do my best to forget the last few months of you being sick and weak and always hold a special place in my memory and my heart of those days when you were so big so strong so proud and so dedicated.

Go free now Zah man. You are free dog now and forever. You will never be forgotten and will always be Zah puppy in my heart and mind.


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